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TeamSpace Brings Multiplayer to PCS Spark

· 1 min read

One of the most common requests we hear from PCS Spark users was for m...

HEERF II Deadline! Get Distance Learning Funding for your Sim Center

· 1 min read

With the signing of the American Rescue Plan an additional $40 billion...

Triage by Zoom: Multi-Patient Emergency Medicine Simulation Event Conducted Entirely Virtually

· 3 min read

I nervously waited for the ER doctor, actually doctors as I knew there...

How Multi-Modal Integration Can Help Simulation Centers Adapt To An Evolving Operational Environment

· 2 min read

Whether it’s pandemic-driven closures/reopenings or the result of shif...

Building Believable Personas for Digital Patients

· 2 min read

Virtual Patients are experiencing a second renaissance. Conceptualized...

The Story of ALEX: You

· 1 min read

We kicked off the start of September by sharing the story of PCS Spark...

Introducing Subsimulators for PCS Spark; An Easier way to Manage Multiple Classes

· 1 min read

With the expanding use of PCS Spark within universities’ multiple prog...

PCS Spark Understands Even More

· 1 min read

With our latest update to the PCS Communication engine, PCS Spark and ...

PCS Spark Latest Update adds Labs/Orders

· 1 min read

[vimeo 434464047 w=640 h=542]

The 3 Key Benefits of PCS Spark

· 1 min read

Universities across the U.S. are turning to PCS Spark for clinical int...