Cloud Connectivity Comes to Your Sims

Feb 20, 2017 12:00:33 PM · 1 min read

Now, No Man(ikin) is an Island

Today, in everything we do, connectivity is key. It’s a new world of capabilities, communication and control – based in the game-changer called the cloud.

ALEX brings that world to your patient simulators.

ALEX is connected, online, in the cloud. Always in reach and at the ready. ALEX can be accessed and controlled from any internet-connected device: computer, tablet, or even a smartphone. All of ALEX’s simulation data is automatically collected, preserved and searchable – securely encrypted in the cloud.

Why should you care? What does all this connectivity really mean?

  • No more instructor workstations – a newfound freedom.
  • Hardware independence – the ability to use your existing computer equipment.
  • Forget about licenses – the number of licenses, which computers have licenses … ALEX doesn’t care about licenses.
  • The end of separate, per-simulator networks – which can be closed and hard to connect to.
  • Your simulator data is no longer held hostage – with secure authentication, you can access all your simulator data anytime, anywhere.
  • Open API – enables ALEX to be integrated into other systems.

Whether ALEX is wired to your network or used wirelessly (including guest networks), ALEX’s connectivity is the elegant, flexible solution you’ve been waiting for.

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