Today’s Needs Require Today’s Technology

Feb 3, 2017 3:00:21 AM · 1 min read

Somewhere down the manikin production line, the big patient simulator manufacturers became disconnected from end-users. Instead of focusing on developing bold, new choices, they simply began to rebrand old technologies. Stagnation replaced innovation. The needs of your simulation program evolved, but your simulators didn’t.

Until now.

We are a collaborative team committed to solving real problems and helping real users, like you, in your educational mission. We set out to create a better solution.

And we did. Starting from scratch, instead of repurposing existing products. Building on today’s needs with new-generation technology. In a few weeks we will unveil a new type of simulator.

The Patient Communication Simulator (PCS) is the first of its kind, infused with features and functions that a mere decade ago sounded like science-fiction.

Prepare to be amazed.

Until next week,

The PCS Team

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