Make your SP encounters better with this one simple trick

Jan 9, 2020 3:00:02 AM · 1 min read

Earlier this week we introduced PCS Plus, the wearable simulator for humans and manikins.

Today I’d like to dive a little deeper on what you can expect when you pair PCS Plus with a human. To put it simply: a lot.

Bring physical findings to your SP encounters with our dynamic physiology.

  • Is your standardized patient describing all of the symptoms of asthma? How about we add the expected lung sounds as well.

  • Has a patient come in with a hypertensive crisis? Now your learners can measure and get scenarios-specific BP values with an actual blood pressure cuff.

  • Bradycardia or Tachycardia? Have your learners discover it for themselves with palpable pulses, simulated heart sounds, and on-screen virtual ECG

Debriefing is critical to any SP encounter and PCS Plus provides integrated AV recording that just works. Watch live and recorded encounters from anywhere using the PCS Cloud.

A wearable simulator for the introductory price of $4,995

To learn more and see how you can unlock even more by pairing PCS Plus with PCS Spark visit

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