Team PCS & NASCO Healthcare: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Apr 27, 2017 1:05:01 PM · 1 min read

It’s likely you’ve known all along, dear reader, that ALEX is a result of a collaborative effort.

We here at PCS.AI are excited to formally announce our partnership with Simulaids.

While PCS.AI is product development shop comprised of seasoned simulation veterans and product developers with a high-tech startup mentality, NASCO Healthcare/Simulaids has decades of simulation, educational, manufacturing and logistics experience.

We especially relied on the expertise of the NASCO Healthcare hardware engineering team led by Hugo Azevedo and managed by Chris Larson during ALEX’s beta testing as we worked in fast feedback cycles to enhance the product – but that’s a topic worthy of it’s own post.

Tech Start Up + Established Enterprise = agile development with a user-orientated approach meets quality, scale and distribution. A true partnership in an age when the term itself feels misused.

ALEX is exclusively available through Simulaids.

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