patient simulation

with the power of artificial intelligence.

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Intelligent Digital Patients

AI-driven virtual patient encounters for students of all healthcare disciplines. The only virtual patients that can speak for themselves.
Speech AI conversations
Train CPR w/ electrotherapy
IrisCam for patient’s perspective
Model-driven physiology and drugs

The Smart Simulator

Everything you expect in a patient simulator and so much more. The only model-driven, cloud-connected, machine learning patient simulator.

What Makes Us Great

The PCS Engine

Built on the latest machine learning technologies, the PCS Engine delivers conversational AI for patient-provider interview training.

Free Onsite Trial

Seeing is believing and, just like you, hands-on learning is how we educate. We’ll ship to you so you can try it for a week without the pushy salesperson.

Clinical Advisory Board

We work with some of the brightest minds in healthcare education to ensure what we build has a purpose. We look to the Clinical Advisory Board for inspiration and guidance.

The Team

From Algorithms to Aesthetics, we're a team of simulation advocates, engineers, and designers dedicated to making technologically advanced simulators for everyone.


Does VR actually improve learning outcomes? How does communication training impact the overall simulation? See what the latest independent research is showing.


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