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Technology Since 2015.

Leading Communication

Simulator Technology

Since 2015.

Pioneering technology for training patient communication skills.
The art of healthcare communication can be learned.

What makes PCS special

The PCS Communication Engine
Built on the latest machine learning technologies, the PCS Communication Engine can realistically simulate a patient interview: learners can ask their questions naturally, unscripted and PCS verbally responds with scenario-specific answers. Within the domain of medical interviewing and typical healthcare professional interactions, the PCS Engine can successfully provide the reactions of a human patient, creating a new kind of practice and training experience.


Communication Training Driven By
Artifical Intelligence


“Sounds too good
to be true. Why
should I trust
these folks?”
Team PCS was started in 2015 but our story began back in the 90s when our founders engaged on a journey around patient simulation and standardized patient methodologies. We help sim centers digitally debrief sessions when the alternative was handing out VHS tapes. We role-played distressed teenager patients to be able to build on a hands-on experience of simulation. We worked with some of the most innovative experts in healthcare simulation as we developed disruptive products. Simulation is not our market but our calling we cannot escape
Sounds too lofty? We could tell you all about our team and how we settled on Accessibility, Innovation and Transparency as our core values, but you would probably remain sceptical and, based on past experiences, rightfully so. Rather…
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“I’m not here to ‘learn more’, just to get
my job done. Can you help?”
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