The 3 Key Benefits of PCS Spark

Jun 9, 2020 10:24:40 AM · 1 min read

Universities across the U.S. are turning to PCS Spark for clinical interview training as campuses shift to include online learning alternatives. When asked why, here are the three key reasons these institutions cite:

1. Artificial Intelligence with Natural Language Processing

PCS Spark is built on the PCS Communication Engine which is able to understand over 19,000 different questions pertaining to the medical interview. This allows for students to interact naturally with their patient as if they were speaking with another human. There are hundreds of different ways to phrase a question and PCS Spark understands them all.

Even better, the PCS Communication Engine is constantly learning new questions every day thanks to machine learning. In the rare event that a question isn’t understood, it will be flagged for review and used to train the AI so that the next time that question is asked Spark will know exactly how to respond.

2. Flexible Content Authoring

Integrate your own SP cases using the most powerful content authoring tool available in the simulation market. Using PCS Spark you can build around your school’s curriculum, not the other way around.

Change everything from the appearance of the digital patient, to what their responses are when a student asks “What brings you in today?”. Every new Spark user receives training on using these powerful tools while our dedicated content authoring team assists in developing your first case for PCS Spark.

3. Seamless Scalability

Whether you’re a small PA program with 30 students or a massive medical school with 700, PCS Spark will scale to your size. Thanks to our PCS Cloud infrastructure PCS Spark runs in the browser and will work with virtually any recent computing device.

Rolling out PCS Spark to all of your students couldn’t be easier. By sharing the link to your PCS Spark, students will be able to create their own accounts and access all of the content that you’ve made available to them.


You can learn more about PCS Spark at our website. 

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