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Healthcare Simulation and the AI Revolution

· 10 min read

Originally Presented as a Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) V...

PCS Spark Adds LMS Support

· 1 min read

PCS is thrilled to announce that PCS Spark now supports integrating wi...

Dealing With Simulation Salespeople & Getting The Results You Want From A Product Demo

· 3 min read

It may not be explicitly written in the job description of a healthcar...

Should Healthcare Simulationists have MORE disclosures?

· 3 min read

We’ve all seen disclosure slides, right? Academics flash them out to d...

When Your Living Room Becomes A Sim Lab

· 1 min read

In recent years, virtual reality has been a healthcare simulation tool...

Our New Partnership Brings PCS Spark Virtual Patients to Canadian EMT and Nursing Students Nationwide

· 1 min read

PCS announced today a landmark agreement with The Colleges and Institu...


Healthcare Simulation Technology – Then, Now, & The Future

· 2 min read

Healthcare simulation technology covers a vast spectrum from the very ...


2021/2022 Healthcare Simulation Conferences & Workshops to Attend

· 3 min read

Healthcare simulation conferences are essential for professionals and ...


Top 5 Case Scenarios for Nursing Students

· 2 min read

What is a Nursing Case Scenario?

Happy Mother’s Day: Mother and Daughter Avatars Join PCS Spark

· 2 min read

Who remembers the keynote speaker Regina Holliday from IMSH 2017? Mayb...