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Capnogram, EtCO2, and New ECG Waveforms

· 1 min read

From now on, when you’ll start a simulation you’ll notice ALEX has a c...

Make ALEX smarter today with Speech Suggestions

· 2 min read

Full disclosure: ALEX is smart … but only as smart as we’ve made him s...

The Patient Communication Simulator: Standardized Training of Patient Communication Techniques with Advanced Simulation Technology

· 2 min read

Summary Statement: As Healthcare “Simulationists” we constantly ask ou...

5 Functionality Questions Asked About ALEX™

· 4 min read

We get heaps of great questions through alex.simulaids.com‘s live chat...

Posterior Auscultation: ALEX™ has your back

· 2 min read

ALEX is not the first full bodied patient simulator to include posteri...

Top 5 Questions Asked by International Customers about ALEX™

· 2 min read

Next week, ALEX makes his first overseas trip to Paris to attend the S...

5 Ways ALEX’s Website is Uniquely Interactive

· 1 min read

We’re consumers too. And we didn’t forget it when we designed and buil...

Team PCS & NASCO Healthcare: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

· 1 min read

It’s likely you’ve known all along, dear reader, that ALEX is a result...

I Speak, Therefore I Am.

· 1 min read

[vimeo 210530052 w=640 h=360]

Anatomy Of A Screen

· 1 min read

In our eyes, one is just as important as the other. So when our softwa...