PCS Spark:

The #1 Ai-driven virtual nursing simulation training platform

PCS Spark is the leader in AI-Driven virtual nursing simulation, bringing world-class AI conversations together with a robust physical assessment that comes to form the most complete digital patient experience available.

In over 90% of patient encounters, healthcare providers will be treating a conscious patient in which communication is their first tool in diagnosing and caring for their patient.

These conversations are nuanced and complex, requiring the utmost in critical thinking skills. PCS Spark enables natural communication training, allowing students to formulate their own questions and think of what to ask next as opposed to selecting from a dropdown list.

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Our Virtual Simulation Platform Features:

AI-Driven Conversations

The PCS Speech Engine empowers PCS Spark digital patients to speak for themselves. PCS Spark digital patients can understand over 30,000 learner questions and respond with scenario specific responses.

Physical Exam and Orders

A robust physical exam enables learners to examine their patient from head-to-toe and note any abnormalities they may find in order to form a treatment plan. Customize physical findings in scenario authoring.

Model-Driven Physiology

Model-driven physiology brings life-like physiological responses to drug treatments in PCS Spark digital patients. Start infusions, adjust flow rate and administer IM/IV injections after setting dosage.

Automated Assessment

PCS Spark provides instant and automated performance assessment of learning objectives at the end of each scenario letting learners know which areas they did well in and which need work.

In addition to conversation-driven patient encounters,

PCS Spark includes the following features: 

  • Up to 18 Included Patient Scenarios 
  • Health Assessment and Physical Examination
  • Model-driven Physiology and Drug Treatments
  • TeamSpace Multiplayer Support
  • Wide Range of Avatar Appearances
  • Four Different Environments for Simulations to Take Place
  • Custom Scenario Creation
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Screen Based Access

Who is PCS Spark for?

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Nursing Schools and Teachers

PCS Spark expands a nursing school’s simulation center to be available anywhere, at any time. By reducing the dependency on manikin-based simulation, nursing schools can save time and money while providing their students with an engaging learning experience that matches their curriculum and provides learning scenarios that they aren’t exposed to in the simulation lab.



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Nursing Students

Nursing students love PCS Spark because it provides them with an always available simulation resource to practice their patient communication skills and routine patient health assessment. What was once limited to the simulation lab is now available at home, on a bus, or even in virtual reality. 

This additional simulation practice better prepares students for high-stakes exams such as the NCLEX, and provides them with the confidence needed to succeed.


Benefits of
Virtual Nursing Simulation:

Virtual nursing simulation brings with it a host of benefits to both students and faculty.

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Always Available

Students no longer have to be limited to the amount of time they can practice in the simulation lab or worry about scheduling their simulation hours. 


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Immediate Feedback

Virtual nursing simulation with PCS Spark provides students with immediate feedback on their performance, showing them what they did right, and what they need to work on to improve.


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Less Strain on the Simulation Lab

Most simulation centers are stretched thin and consistently utilized. PCS Spark takes the strain off simulation labs and leaves them to focus on high-stakes simulation encounters. 

Who's using PCS Spark?

PCS Spark is being used across the world in predominantly English speaking countries. Everyone from medical, nursing and PA students along with pharmacy and dental are using PCS Spark to provide their students with clinical interview practice.

PCS.ai is trusted by leading educational institutions including

Frequently Asked Questions

How many scenarios are included with PCS Spark?

PCS Spark includes up to 18 different patient scenarios, ranging from clinical skills essentials to mental health and difficult conversations surrounding sexual health. Click here for a full list of cases included with PCS Spark.

How long does it take to author my own scenario on PCS Spark?

Authoring your own scenario on PCS Spark is straightforward but does require a certain amount of time to implement. Plan to set aside 30-40 hours to implement a scenario in Spark and always test the scenario with others (preferable senior nursing students) before putting it in front of students. 

What devices does Spark support?

Spark supports both Mac and Windows based computers, iOS and Android mobile devices, and Oculus Quest and HTC Vive Focus virtual reality (VR) headsets.

How do assessments work?

Evaluation reports are provided immediately after a simulation is completed. Scores are based on actions during the simulation session. 

Ready to experience PCS Spark’s virtual medical simulation in action? 

There’s really only one way to experience PCS Spark—and that is first hand.

Request a demo and we’ll guide you through a patient encounter with PCS Spark and show you how it can fit into your simulation curriculum.