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All you expect from a patient simulator and so much more:
AI-powered verbal interactionas
Learner-driven, self-service simulation
Model-driven physiology and treatments
Connected to the simulation platform.


We understand the importance of ‘hands-on’, the need to see something ‘in action’, the desire to measure and test – which is why we’re offering two different ways to try ALEX:
Get a Demo

Virtual Demo

Learn more about everything that ALEX can deliver with a one-on-one virtual demo hosted over Google Meeting.

Atypical Demo

Prefer to go hands-on with ALEX? We’ll ship you an ALEX to try for a week for free. Completely unsupervised.

What Makes ALEX the Smart Simulator

PCS Speech Engine for Communication Training

The AI-driven PCS Speech Engine enables Alex to actually listen and respond on his own; thus, Alex can be used to practice healthcare communication. Using advanced cloud-based speech recognition, natural language processing and speech synthesis, ALEX gives scenario-specific answers to thousands of medical interviewing questions and countless variations. Online Simulation Platform

Alex connects to the cloud for control from anytime, anywhere. A single login to manages all your PCS simulators, scenarios and simulation session recordings through an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface. Collaboratively author new patient scenarios, set up and automatically assess learning objectives, review session logs and AV recordings and enable facilitator-free simulation for your learners from

Virtual ALEX

Sometimes it’s not always possible to be in the sim lab. For those times, Virtual ALEX is able to keep the simulations running from any Internet connected device. Run all of your ALEX scenarios on your very own virtual patient simulator with Virtual ALEX.

Model-Driven Physiology

Administer drug treatments and ALEX’s advanced physiological model will react automatically. Learn about the physiological implications of various drug delivery, dosage and timing options. Experience the interconnected nature of vital signs through our validated physiological model.


TeamSpace provides distributed small group sessions with real time communication and shared simulator control. Provide a unique inter-professional education experience by having specialists connect to a remote simulation and provide needed expertise in order to treat the patient.

Core Features

Essential functionality:

palpable pulses, automated breathing, blood pressure measurement, high-fidelity auscultation sounds, intubatable airway, BVM ventilation, and 12-lead ECG

Live CPR Metrics:

visualize and receive feedback on CPR performance in real-time

Simulated patient monitor:

Display patient’s vitals and waveforms with support for multiple physiological states and automatic progressions


Live streaming and recording of the simulation session from the most important perspective, the patient’s