How PCS Spark Works

The PCS Engine

Built on the latest machine learning technologies, the PCS Engine delivers conversational AI for patient-provider interview training.

Clinical Interview

Begin your appointment as you would with any patient visit by first reviewing the door notes and then speaking with your patient using natural and everyday language to find out what symptoms they’ve been experiencing.

Physical Exam

Your virtual patient has told you why she’s here, but now it's time to check their vitals. Let her know when you’re ready to take a listen to their heart, check their blood pressure and more all of which are all based on the specific case.


Once the scenario is over most learners want to know how they performed. PCS Spark provides instant and automated assessment at the end of each scenario letting students know which areas they did well in and which need work.

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3 Completely Free
Patient Cases to Try Today

See firsthand what all of this AI fuss is about. We’ve made three of our PCS Spark cases available for anyone to try with absolutely zero commitment. Experience PCS Spark just as your students would by interviewing one of the available patients and performing a physical. When you’re done, we’re standing by to answer any of your questions.

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PCS Spark Features

  • PCS Speech Engine: Verbal Communication
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    PCS Spark is built on the PCS Speech Engine designed specifically for patient-provider communication styles. Use natural everyday language to speak with Spark and the avatar will respond based on the presented case.

  • PCS Patients: Cases and Scenarios
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    PCS Spark is ready to run thanks to our bundled patient cases that have been co-developed with our Clinical Advisory Board. New scenarios are constantly added as part of your subscription.

    Concerned about fitting PCS Spark into your established curriculum? Don’t be, as you can easily import already developed scenarios using our intuitive patient case authoring tool.

  • PCS Apps: VR and browser
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    PCS Spark is designed to run anytime, anywhere. Want the most engaging and immersive experience? Go with VR.

    Need the flexibility for students to use outside of class? Or looking to practice a Telemedicine experience? The browser based version of PCS Spark is setup just for that.

    Learners can practice simulation scenarios the night before at home using their computer or tablet and then experience the same scenario on any PCS enabled patient simulator such as ALEX.

  • PCS Reality: 3D Avatars and Locations
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    Enable an immersive experience for your learners unlike any other and pick the avatar and environment that best matches the patient scenario you are simulating. Select a hospital, clinic, ambulance or home location and chose from a wide variety of avatars portraying various ethnicities, age groups and genders.

  • PCS Cloud: Simulation management and authoring
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    PCS Spark lives in the PCS Cloud, enabling control from anywhere, anytime. A single login to the PCS Cloud manages all your PCS simulators, scenarios and simulation session archive through an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface. Collaboratively author new patient scenarios, set up and automatically assess learning objectives, review session logs and enable facilitator-free simulation for your learners in the PCS Cloud.


Choose a plan that’s right for you.

Annual One Time


$9,800 / year

Starting at 200 users

Concurrent simulations: 50

In-browser access

Works w/ PCS Plus

Simulation archive: 1 year

PCS Case Authoring: 1


$19,600 / year

Starting at 400 users

Concurrent simulations: 100

In-browser access

Works w/ PCS Plus

Simulation archive: 5 year

PCS Case Authoring: 2

VR access


$39,200 / year

Starting at 800 users

Concurrent simulations: 200

In-browser access

Works w/ PCS Plus

Simulation archive: Unlimited

PCS Case Authoring: 4

VR access

Real-time API for live data integration