Veto Russo

COVID-19 Screening

Mr. Veto Russo, 59 y/o male, has been told to call telehealth services from home to be triaged for flu like symptoms. Patients are being encouraged to stay home unless the situation warrants an 'ER' visit; thus, your objective is to determine if emergent care is necessary.

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Valerie Miller

Clinical Interviewing Essentials

Mrs. Valerie Miller, 34 has come to the clinic today with complaints of a headache. Vital signs: T 98.8°F, BP 132/64 mmHg, P 70/min, R 20/min. Your objective is to perform a health assessment by obtaining a focused and relevant history.

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Alex Kasyan

Chest Pain

Alex Kasyan is in ER bed 2. He just came in through triage. He is having chest pain 6/10 scale. We took him straight back and the tech is getting in the bed now. His wife is getting him registered. Can you get him going?

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