We suspect you’re here on this buried, obscure page because you want to know who’s behind these products. What’s their experience? Do they really know and understand healthcare simulation? Are they as committed to quality as you are? Will they provide you the support you need? Can you trust them?

So, without further ado, allow us to introduce ourselves in 4 meaty parts: Origins, Expertise, Purpose, and Core Principles. We hope that by the end of this worthwhile read, you’ll have a sense for who were are and what we stand for - because after all, people work with people, people buy from people, and it’s people who support people.


Our team assembled for this project in 2015, but we’ve actually been together a lot longer. In the late 1990’s our founders began a journey in patient simulation and standardized patient methodologies. We built a product to help simulation centers digitally record and debrief sessions when the alternative was VHS tapes. This product today is known as CAE® LearningSpace™. After LearningSpace™ succeeded in becoming a top-tier AV system within healthcare simulation, we felt comfortable in beginning a new venture: engineering the next generation of simulators.


We’re a team of simulation advocates, technologists, and former standardized patients, who have worked within this impactful pedagogy for over two decades. Exactly this experience helps us learn that there always remains much we don’t know in this ever-evolving space, which is why we actively look to our Community of Users and our Clinical Advisory Board to help steer product vision and development. Our expertise is engineering, your expertise is simulation in healthcare, and together we’re building first-of-kind simulation technologies.


As with any team’s assembly, it was in the face of purpose: simulation should be ubiquitous. From the start our goal was to revolutionize healthcare simulation technology and improve education through providing substantially better virtual reality simulation experiences than any of our competitors. To achieve our goal, we thoughtfully laid the groundwork with our core values and defined our approach. We measure our success by fidelity, realism, value and quality.

Core Principles

  • True innovation for healthcare simulation through integrating best-in-class emerging technologies from leading consumer products.

  • Ease of use through great user experience design and diligently eliminating complexity.

  • Transparency within our own team and with our users, always.

PCS Leadership

Balazs Moldovanyi


Leads the PCS culture, team and vision. Obsessed with building future-proof products.
Recent convert to outdoor hiking, automobile aficionado, and sailor of the open seas.

Viktor Takacs


Aligns the technology with the vision by selecting the technologies and platforms we use in our products.
Avid runner, enthusiastic amateur kart driver, and connoisseur of dry-aged steaks.

Michelle McConvey Castleberry


Thinks creatively about how to communicate the value of PCS products.
Podcast fanatic, vintage travel poster collector, and progeny logistics expert.

Nick Stoick

VP of Sales

Connects PCS with simulation programs and builds long-term partnerships.
Pinball machine restorationist, javaphile, aerial photographer and drone operator.

PCS Clinical Advisory Board

We partner and collaborate with some of the most innovative experts in medical education and healthcare simulation as we develop disruptive products. Our Advisory Board guides PCS product vision, content development, and feature prioritization.

Amin Azzam, MD

Professor at three San Francisco bay area universities: University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health, and Samuel Merritt University, Dr. Azzam has dedicated his career to innovations in health professional schools, including Problem Based Learning (PBL), Simulation Based Learning (SBL), and Open Educational Pedagogy (OEP). Dr. Azzam also remains clinically active—running long-term psychotherapy groups for patients with chronic illnesses

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Gayle Gliva-McConvey

Standardized Patient Educator since 1973. Founding Director of Clinical Skills Teaching and Assessment Program at Eastern Virginia Medical School where she lead the development and implementation of SPs in the curriculum for over 20 years. Mrs. Gliva-McConvey is a founding BOD and former President of the Association of Standardized Patient Educators.

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