Combining Ease-of-Use and Flexibility

Whether your school is looking for the best way to introduce advanced patient simulators in the curriculum, or to extend your simulation center with something different, you are going to appreciate the flexibility, portability and ease-of-use of Alex, the first Patient Communication Simulator. A PCS powered product exclusively available from Simulaids™. Learn more at


A True Patient Simulator at an Affordable Price

Alex provides all the physiological features of a full-body patient simulator you expect: palpable pulse points, automated breathing, blood pressure measurement, high-fidelity lung/heart/bowel sounds, live CPR metrics with BVM ventilation, simulated patient monitor and 12-lead ECG, intubatable airway, and more. Yet, Alex is surprisingly affordable, from initial purchase to lifetime total cost of ownership (TCO).

PCS Cloud: The Most Advanced Online Simulation Platform

Alex connects to the PCS Cloud, for control from anywhere, anytime. A single login to the PCS Cloud manages all your PCS simulators, scenarios and simulation session recordings through an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface. Collaboratively author new patient scenarios, set up and automatically assess learning objectives, review session logs and AV recordings and enable facilitator-free simulation for your learners in the PCS Cloud.

Healthcare Communication Training with the AI-Enabled PCS Speech Engine

The AI-driven PCS Speech Engine enables Alex to actually listen and respond on his own; thus, Alex can be used to practice healthcare communication. Using advanced cloud-based speech recognition, natural language processing and speech synthesis, ALEX gives scenario-specific answers to thousands of medical interviewing questions and countless variations.

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