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We design, develop and support the most amazing patient simulators.
We are the team behind ALEX, the first Patient Communication Simulator,
manufactured and distributed by Simulaids.


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The Patient Communication Simulator
Standardized Training of Patient Communication Techniques with Advanced Simulation Technology
5 Ways ALEX’s Website is Uniquely Interactive
Never before have these 5 things collectively been seen on a patient simulator website.
Team PCS & NASCO Healthcare: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work
We here at PCS.AI are excited to formally announce our partnership with Simulaids.

Our Story

After successfully working together on various projects over a span of 10 years, the team decided to unite once again.

As with any great team’s assembly, it was in the face of great purpose. From the start our goal was to revolutionize healthcare simulation technology and improve education through providing substantially better simulation products than any of our competitors. To achieve our goal, we thoughtfully laid the groundwork with our core values and defined our approach. We measure our success by fidelity, realism, value and quality.

We work
in fast-feedback cycles and take an iterative approach to product development.
The proof is in the pudding (link to blog about our beta exercises).
software evolution guided by end-users.
Our user community is the driving force behind our roap map. We’re not building new features looking at our competitors, but rather we’re focusing on our user’s real world needs. We are listening.
We utilize
the flexibility of software and cloud connectivity.
Our cloud connected nature, and other design decisions were made at the beginning. Building a free upgrade infrastructure for ALEX was the first major focus for our team.
Accessible and Affordable
advanced simulators building on the technologies of the smartphone revolution.
Because simulation should be ubiquitous.
Ease of use
through great user experience design and diligently eliminating complexity.
Because all users matter.
True innovation
for healthcare simulation by integrating best-in-class emerging technologies from consumer products.
Because we can stand on the shoulders of giants.
within our own team and with our customers, even when it hurts.
Because you deserve to know.
Balazs Moldovanyi
M.Sc., MBA, Product

Y-combinator alumni with 15+ years experience within healthcare education technologies. Focused on product/market fit to build value for customers and the team. Known to sail the open seas, and while on land spends his time as an automobile aficionado.

Michelle Castleberry

Healthcare simulation enthusiast with 15+ years experience within healthcare education technologies. Perpetually thinking creatively about the business in terms of customer needs and their satisfaction. Blogs sporadically at the electricpulse.io, savors a Ted Talk every Tuesday, and is frequently caught reading books about attention management.

Ádám Helybély
M.Sc., MBA, Technology

Y-combinator alumni, 15+ years experience within healthcare education technologies. Business-minded software architect relentlessly sharpening the axe. He can program anything from electronic music instruments to dogs. He has the most coffee brewing gadgets in the whole company by a considerable margin and he’s not afraid to use them.

Zsolt Muller
M.Sc., Front-End

Client-side senior software developer with deep UX understanding. Intermediate level sauna user, enjoys body-weight training on the pull-up bar to make the “developer hands” more robust and to play some hard riffs on his guitar. Y-combinator alumni, 15+ years experience within healthcare education.

Nikolett Takacs-Nagy
M.Sc., Quality

Quality and Project Coordinator who is not afraid of coding automated tests. Economist in Management and Leadership. Inspired cook and author of the gastroblog Nyammer. Loves travelling around the world. Gym addict who speaks fluently in Friends quotes.

Viktor Takacs
M.Sc., A/V

Specialises in cloud-based IP AV systems, writes code through the whole stack connecting hardware and software. Avid runner, enthusiastic amateur kart driver and loves dry-aged steaks - aged by himself. Y-combinator alumni, 10+ experience within healthcare education.

Judit Vigh-Kondor
MA, Customer Satisfaction

12+ years experience within healthcare education. MA in English (American and British Language and Literature) and Education, Certified Teacher. She is a believer of the human factor in any business, persistently aiming for the perfect customer care.

Viktor Kalman
PhD, Hardware/Firmware

Hardware engineer, 10+ years embedded systems experience, successful participant of robotics competitions. Likes to take stuff apart and sometimes to put it back together, but not necessarily the way it was before. Loves to be outdoors, preferably somewhere high.

Krisztian Minya

Born with a passion for design. Specializes on digital UI/UX and branding. Focused on understanding the interactions of brands, design systems and people and how to match these pieces for maximum impact. Addicted to hiking and board games. Nobody can beat him in backgammon!

Balint Tasnadi
Software Developer

Front End junior developer graduating in 2018 with a Bachelors of Science in Software Information Technology. Plays the piano, enjoys listening to classical music, and loosely considers himself an amateur photographer. 

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